List of grants for young psychiatrists (со старого сайта)

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WPA - World Psychiatric Association has has regional meetings and a world congress every third year.There are fellowshipprograms you have to be appointed for by your national psychiatric association.

WPA early career council has two european zones. The members are appointed by the national psychiatric association. The zones agree on an action plan

 - Union Européene des médecins Spécialistes has its main seat in Brussels and works under the EU commission. I works with questions concerning education, profession and harmonization. There are seperate sections for psychiatry and child adolescent psychiatry. More information and

EPA (formerly AEP)
 European Psychiatric Associaton. It is the largest psychiatric association in Europé representing 50 000 psychiatrists in 57 countries. Congresses are once a year and their are different scholar- and fellowship good programs for trainees and young psychiatrist. The congress offerns an extensive YP program, good practival advice for research and clinical work. More information

- European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees is an organisation representing trainee organisations from Européan countrys (WHO definition of Europé). There are represented 26 countrys. It has a seat in the UEMS psychiatric sections. One annual forum with delegates from the national trainee organisations. It will be 1 delegate from child and adolescent psychaitry and 1 delegate from adult psychiatry. It’s also possible to participate as a guest. They offer good scientific and educational It’s possible to join a list where you get information about the meetings and possibility to collaborate –

Lundbeck Institute
 Lundbeck International Neurscience Foundations organises seminaries in Copenhagen. Their are fellowshipprograms for trainees from all Europé. The scientific program is very good, but there are also marketing interest. More information under

Maudsley Forum The Maudsley Forum provides opportunity for psychologists and psychiatrists – both trainees and consultants to learn about most recent advances in clinical and academic psychiatry, with an emphasis on how research informs evidence-based clinical practice. It is an intensive 4 daycourse. Lectures will be delivered by leading clinicians and scientists from the Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College London and the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. They have meeting once a year and they offer very practical advise about the scientific research. Mediterranean meeting is with the same program. Some grants available.

BATORY foundation -
APA - 
American Psychiatric Association has an annual congress. They have fellowship programs and stipendiums. Not specially pointed to young psychiatrists. More info under

WAYPT – World Association for Young Psychiatrists and Trainees. The main goals of WAYPT are to exchange ideas, interests and information among colleagues throughout the world and to organise for young psychiatrists and trainees, broad educational and training programmes ranging from social psychiatry to clinical psychiatry and to basic research

Berlin summerschool – There are two parts, one scientific program, which contains genetics, neuropsychology and neuroimiting. And other part about how to present your work. Very recommended.

VSCR – cours of biostatistics, practical advise for writing an articles.


American Austrian Foundation (AAF), Salzburg Weill Cornell Seminars in Psychiatry. Specialy welcoming for young psychiatrists from Eastern Europe, a week long seminars and lectures, high quality, lecturers are from USA and Austria. Fellowshipprograme. Covering all expenses – travel, accomodation, meals.

European College of Neuropsychiatry (ECNP) research grants, fellowship programs for Yps, trainees, summer school of neuropsychiatry in Cambrige, UK

Fullbright fellowship – more information from local US embassy